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Congress honors one hundred and fifty national directors of the year 95

In a meritocratic scientific conference in management, attended by experts and executives of various administrative, executive, service, industrial, manufacturing and economic centers at the Voice and Broadcast Conference Center, with the approval of the Board of Directors and the Performance Evaluation Committee, Mohammad Reza Mollai Fard, CEO of Koushakansar He was appointed National Director in 2016.

This conference is intended to celebrate the Iranian management elite after conducting audits and qualifications based on the criteria of selecting the appropriate National Director, Entrepreneurship, Development, Initiative and Creativity, as well as a history of working in collaboration with the Iranian Experts Group, the Iranian Elite Supreme Assembly, and the foundation of enduring figures in history. The 13th of May was held at the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Center.

Congress Celebrates One Hundred Nationwide Managers To Examine Expected Results of Decentralization in Iranian Enterprises, Provide Research Findings by Management Scholars on Alternatives to Management Science-Based Management System Instead of Traditional Management, Explain Different Dimensions of Jihadic Management in the presence of experts And management professors, honoring the experiences of leading Iranian pioneers, the opportunity to communicate directly between senior executives in public and private capitals, and the groundwork to increase the private sector’s share in macroeconomic management.


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